Fired Tribal Court Employees Staying

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Shoshone business council members tried to fire tribal court employees Monday.

The federal contract to operate tribal court ended Friday, so court employees got letters from the Shoshone business council to clear out their desks Monday.

Deputy Tribal Prosecutor Wayland Large said “when I got my lay-off notice on Monday was uncalled for and it still needed to be an action item for the Arapahoe business council to do an action not just one council, the Shoshone business council to do this.”

News 13 Landon Harrar reported “for the past year all court money has gone through the Shoshone business council which an unnamed court officials says may have led to the misconception that all the employee’s work for the Shoshones. Well that’s not true, in fact all the employees are joint employees and so therefore they cannot be fired by one business council unless both agree to do so.”

Shoshone business council members want to hand the court system over to a Bureau of Indian Affairs CFR system, which cannot enforce the current honor code laws.

Large stated “It’s been in existence for thirty some years we don’t want to go backward and if a CFR court should come into play the CFR system would not cover a lot with the current law and order code. There would be no law for elder abuse, crimes against children.”

Tribal child support clerk Nira YoungChief said “a lot of our criminal charges wouldn’t be addressed, like child abuse isn’t on there, spouse abuse isn’t on there, DUI’s aren’t on there and it’s just like very basic with like public intox and speeding, very basic.”

Court employees say they will continue to come to work until a joint decision is made.

Large said “as me as an employee it was not right, it should have been done correctly, not just one business council can make that decision it has to be both.”

Neither the Arapahoe and nor the Shoshone business councils could be reached for comment.

Right now the tribal court is open. The Arapahoe tribe has agreed to pay employees until some type of agreement is reached.