Traffic Patterns Prior to Eclipse

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Traffic will be heavy during eclipse weekend, and road construction won't help.

The road to the eclipse goes through Casper, but plenty of roads need some work.

Roadwork around the city has not been too congested, but visitors making their way into town may clog up construction areas sooner rather than later.

"Some of these projects won't be completed until October,” says Casper Public Services Director Andrew Beamer. “Anything around the schools [we’ll] try and get those completed prior to school starting, but you'll see construction continuing in this community through October."

The bad news is construction will continue to some capacity in the future; however, for a slight moment, almost as if a traffic eclipse, city construction will stop to accommodate for the influx of visitors this weekend.

"Any construction activities that you see going on right now in city streets will be pulled, and the streets will be opened to full traffic by Friday morning."

When the projects were first made, Beamer and city staff members did not think the eclipse would generate this much excitement.

Luckily the contract requirements state construction cannot occur during the weekend of the eclipse.

Construction led by WyDOT is also expected to stop during eclipse weekend, notably the construction sites on the eastern side of Casper.

This is not to say visitors can cause a little bit of congestion before Friday morning.