Traffic Lights Have Been Improving in Casper

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CASPER, Wyo. The Casper City Council voted in 2016 to re-calibrate stop lights on second street.

The changes improved traffic flow.

"It was probably the most heavily traveled streets in the city, or one of the most heavily traveled, and we were doing the upgrade on the switch gear anyway." Explained Councilman Bob Hopkins. "So once we got them all upgraded to where they can talk to one-another and talk to the computer, that made it reasonable to hire the guys to come in and do the traffic study and then set the lights up."

"This is more or less a way from people to get from one side of town...or I will say...downtown to the east side of town in...what we the most safest way to get there." Said Shad Rodgers, the Casper Streets and Traffic Manager.

The improvements mean Second Street lights are timed so drivers can travel without stopping.

Rodgers says it saves drivers about 40 seconds every time they drive the road.

"The bottom line is it took us a few years to get there but it's really made a big difference on Second Street."

City engineers also plan to try new sensors technology."

The system would involve infrared technology at Second and Blackmore.

Engineers would like to improve traffic signals on all road, but the project requires funding.

The light at Second street and Wyoming Boulevard is not part of the system because it is a state road.