Top 3 Questions of State Legislators from Wyoming Constituents

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The legislative session is in week five, if you think you get a lot of emails every day, try being a legislator, News 13's Jenna Jackson spoke to our legislators about the topics they're receiving the most emails about.

Senator Charles Scott shared, “The volume gets just overwhelming and the work load down here gets overwhelming.”

Our legislators aren't short on emails these days, but on what topics do they hear most from back home?

The result:
• Funding education.

Scott also said, “The first step in reform is cutting back on those excesses and people are excited on both sides of that issue.”

On Tuesday this week, the House passed an amendment to the Education Funding Bill to allow for a half percent tax if the rainy day fund dips below 500 million dollars.

Senator Scott felt it to be unnecessary.

“A lot of people, their income isn't what it was because the downturn in our economy. So I think the tax increases there are way premature. It's irresponsible to vote for a tax increase when we haven't tried to eliminate the unnecessary spending and there is some.”

Another topic of interest:
The sales from the Remote Sellers Tax Bill.

Senator Cale shared, “We actually all owe those taxes because we have what's called a sales and use tax and i figure as long as the law says we owe the tax, we ought to try and collect it.”

Senator Scott said local shops are hurting because more of us are turning to online shopping, so he felt it was not just about bringing in more revenue to the state.

“It's much more than a revenue issue; it's a basic fairness issue. The current system discriminates against our local merchants and that isn't fair.”

A surprising one:
Allowing Uber and other ride sharing services to open shop in the state.

Scott shared, “I think most of us are in favor of allowing it.”

The bill passed the House and is now on it's way to the Senate.

Senator Scott likes the bill. As long as it fixes one issue:
“There was going to be a gap in the required car insurance coverage and that was a trap for the unwary that we had to deal with because we have a general problem in the state with too uninsured motorists.”

Legislators also mentioned the Budget bill and various gun bills as other big topics.

Senator Case also mentioned services to adults with severe disabilities is another program many have commented on by asking for more funding.