Top Stories of 2018: Numbers 10-7

What started as one call to 911 dispatch resulted in one man's death.
In February, 36 year old Douglas Oneyear of Casper was caught on surveillance cameras with a sword and threatening the clerk that evening.
Once police responded, they elected not to use pepper spray because of the winds that evening, and did not use Tasers because heavy winter clothing might negate the effect. Oneyear was said to have a mental disability, and autopsy reports showed medical and illicit drugs were found in his blood system.
Once August and dry summer conditions approached, The Britania Mountain fire expanded to about 32,000 acres in between August 26th and September 15th. Lightning was the cause of the fire, and dominated much of the Laramie Mountains while other fires burned throughout Wyoming.
In October, Ryan Glen McElmury of Cody was chased 50 minutes by police in Montana in a Hollywood like pursuit. It began with a burglary at Performance Auto, followed by exchanged gun shots with police, and holding 13th District Court Judge Candidate Colette Davies up at gun point to rob her of her car. The 41 year old was charged with 12 felonies which included robbery, aggravated burglary, assault with a weapon, criminal endangerment, and theft.
McElmury was accompanied by Jason Ebarb during these crimes, but complied with police early in the pursuit and was taken into custody.
Fires were not the only thing to remind us we are at the whim of nature. EF3 tornadoes touched down near Gillette, Laramie, and Douglas.
The Laramie tornado caused minor damage as it was mainly over open terrain, but the Douglas and Gillette systems caused damage to ranches, and subdivisions.