Time to Change Tires?

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Depending on the grooves on your tires as well as its composition, you can make things easier for yourself or be in a tough spot.

Snow is on its way.

Experts say it's a good time to start thinking about your car tires and traction.

Master Mechanic Sean Sullivan says, “Something with traction control usually doesn't have much trouble in the winter compared to a vehicle with just two wheel drive and no traction control."

If your vehicle is not equipped with traction control, you should start looking at tires.

"The benefit of a snow tire is they're made of softer compounds that stay soft in the winter time, and that gives that tire more capacity to flex and hold on to ice and snow better" says Big O assistant manager Valentino Palato.

If you are having the opportunity to change your tire make sure you know exactly which one you need. Depending on the season you could end up changing to a tire that's actually more detrimental to your car than you realize.

Sullivan also says, “The winter grade tires are a softer compound so to run them on hot dry roads actually wears out the winter tire more quickly. Through the summer months it does makes sense to have a good highway radial."
If you do use all season tires, check frequently to see that they're performing at their best.