Three Years Later the Search Continues; Richardson Family Hopeful for Closure

It has been close to three years since Kristi Richardson disappeared from her Casper home.

Richardson's family continues searching for answers.

The 2014 case was initially investigated by Casper Police, but the case went cold.

Recently, Wyoming's Division of Criminal Investigations (DCI) took over the case.

Richardson's family is hopeful for answers and told News 13; every day is a new hurdle to overcome.

But they are thankful the community is keeping the missing flyers up showing their support.

As for DCI taking over the case, it has given the family renewed hope.
"It’s a different set of eyes, a different way to go about the investigation, so I think it was a feel good moment for us as a family to hear that DCI was going to take the case,” shared Kristi Richardson’s daughter Amber Fazio.

Fazio added her mother never leaves her mind and she hopes for any kind of closure.

The family is still offering a $250,000 reward for information about Richardson’s disappearance.