This Years Wedding Trends

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CASPER, Wyo. Royal weddings tend to change the wedding trends every time around.

Since Dutches Megan Markles dress was simple but elegant, many women are going away from lace or glitter dresses and choosing something more simple.

"Drop waist dresses are very in right now, coming back in. All the designers are making them again. And for about two years we couldn't find them." Said Kaylene McCormick, the manager of Lanaige.

McCormick said white wedding dresses are not as common and they now only have one white dress in the store.

"Believe it or not. White wedding dresses are on their way out. Like we don't even buy white samples anymore, we buy either ivory um or like their fun colors. So like blush, or champagne, or Moscato, or light gold or anything like that is what we normally buy for our samples" She explained.

There is always the option to order a white wedding dress, but a bold white dress tends to have a blue undertone causing light skinned girls to look washed out.

A popular wardrobe for men was going casual with jeans and not a suit.

This season we are seeing men going back to the traditional elegant suit or at least suit jacket and jeans.

"I think we tend to forget that the wedding is for the guy too like yes the bride is important, but the guy is just as important too. So they need to look good and feel good."

The biggest thing McCormick wants to remind brides is to find your dress early as it takes around four to six weeks for it to come in and then you have alterations to think about.

Brides can order plus size dresses at Lanaige without any extra charge,