Think Lander First

There’s a new way to get discounts while shopping in Lander.
The shop Lander first initiative started with business owners.
Lande'rs Chamber of Commerce Director Brian Fabel said “this year we met with some local merchants and we asked them, we said what do you all need. And they said yeah small business Saturday is great but we’re already doing well that time of year. What they told us is they needed help all the way up until Christmas.”
Lander Business Owner of Global Arts Feike van Dijk said “we thought about a concept that would be helpful to draw these people that commonly go online and purchase things to give them an option to give the local businesses a chance as well.”
All you have to do is wear a button.
Fabel explained “we have 45 participating local merchants and when people are wearing this little button they are eligible for deals at all 45 of those merchants here in time.”
The promotion started black Friday. The response has been greater than anticipated.
Fabel mentioned “people are going through these buttons, and we also printed some stickers faster than we ever would have thought I mean on day two they were calling us and we distributed a couple thousand and they said we need more!”
Gannet Peak Sports Owner Thomas Pede said “I mean I think it’s a good problem to have to run a program that’s so successful you run out of supplies and they kind of scrambled and got the stickers going so I think that was a good short-term fix at least.”
Van Dijk said “we haven’t seen any walking traffic, even driving traffic locally like this any time of the year starting from January till Christmas.”
The button promotes discounts for almost anything in lander including retail shopping, restaurants, oil changes and even discounted beers
If you don’t have a shop lander first button or sticker you can get them at any participating business or stop by the chamber of commerce for a full list of businesses participating.