There is a New "Internet Challenge" Going Around

CASPER, Wyo. The "No Lackin" Challenge involves one person recording themselves pulling a gun on another to see a reaction.

Two teenagers, one in Memphis and one in Houston, have died because of the challenge.

Police officers say any challenge like this is a concern, but don't believe it will have any effect in Wyoming.

"I think our local population is well aware this would not be productive or fun in Wyoming. That it is manifestly dangerous. And I have faith our local citizens would not engage in such a ridiculous challenge as this one is." Said Chief Keith McPheeters.

School district administrators know about the challenge because it is so popular with teenagers.

Administrators say the challenge in dangerous, and they monitor it to prevent incidents.

"The more public it is and the more it's out there in the digital world does make it easier for us. One of our greatest assets in preventing stuff like this is students becoming aware of these things and letting us know about it." Said Tom Earnst of the Natrona County School District.

Both officers and administrators have plans in place to prevent incidents in schools.

They both say the most important action is to just be smart.

No incidents have been reported from the challenge in Natrona County.