There Are a Few Things to do if Your Package Gets Stolen

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CASPER, Wyo. Occasionally, even when you do everything to prevent your packages from being stolen thieves find ways to get your items.

If this happens, try to file a claim with your credit card to get some or all of your money back.

"In order to use the credit card insurance you have to have filed a police report provide a receipt that shows you actually bought this stuff and file a claim with the credit card company." Said Gary Trapkus.

Some online retailers give you the option of buying insurance on your package, and that is a smart choice this time of year.

"Priority mail comes with 50 dollars of free insurance and then express mail comes with 100 dollars of free insurance and those can be increased to any value up to 5 thousand dollars so that we can cover the cost of the parcel in case it's lost or damaged along the way." Explained Vicki Widiker, the USPS Customer Service Supervisor.

If you are out of town or don't plan on being home when a package will be delivered you can have the package stay at your local post office.

"the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself is shop locally, then your not waiting for the thing to show up." Said Widiker.

If you're planning on receiving packages this holiday season, try to be home to receive them or if not leave the directions for the delivery person to hide them out of plain sight.

A few new devices are being used to combat at your front door, one of them being adding security cameras and the other is having a lock box for any deliveries.