Therapy Dogs and Storytime

CASPER, Wyo. It wasn't an average storytime for Casper children at the Natrona County Library.

Around a dozen therapy dogs and their owners provided a lift for the children and their families.

The dogs only come once a month, but trainers say it's an opportunity to help children interact better.

"A therapy dog provides therapy to others. Like today with the kids, it helps get the kids involved, want to come out and read. Some kids don't like to read but they want to come see the dogs, so it gets them around both." Said Curtis Day, the owner of Sit Means Sit.

The therapy dog program started at the library last May.

Dogs and their owner usually visit the second Saturday of every month.

Librarians in charge of the program say the goal is to make sure kids and dogs interact with one another.

"It's fun to see the interaction and it's more of a very relaxed atmosphere. It brings out the joy in the kids as well as the dogs." Said Jerry Jones.

All owners volunteered to bring their dogs to the event, another reason librarians say the program is successful.