The State of Wyoming's Economy

What do the actual numbers of Wyoming's economy look like?

The MACRO report reviews the state's economy and the data was recently released.

The report focuses on energy, employment, state revenues and other indicators involving the state’s economy.

The new report shows statewide employment fell by nearly 4,000 jobs compared to May in 2016, with mining being the only industry to add jobs in the private sector.

Although there were fewer jobs in May 2017 compared to 2016, the job gap did decrease.

Also, retail sales tax collections for this year fell over $52 million, or a little over 8% behind last year's pace.

Campbell, Converse, Natrona, Sublette and Sweetwater counties accounted for almost 80% of the decline.

"People have had less money to spend here. We know that people have moved away, our population is down some and people have lost their jobs. Some people have moved into other jobs, but if they're not earning what they used to earn then they have less money to spend," said economist, David Bullard.

Bullard says those areas seeing the biggest decline are those hardest hit when oil prices declined.