Grinch Visits Casper

The infamous Grinch from Whoville visited Casper Saturday.

He wasn't here to steal Christmas, but for a different reason.

The Whoville native dropped by for photos and free hand waves with kids.

Some kids were willing to sit next to him, and even ask interesting questions they wanted answered.

"I had another child in line wanted to know if his heart had grown yet or if hes still the naughty Grinch....which is pretty cute," said Tabitha Janski, from Murdoch's Ranch & Home supply.

All photos taken with the Grinch were free.

Murdoch's ranch and supply store managers also collected monetary donations for the youth crisis center.

They say before the Grinch's arrival, they already collected a few hundred dollars.

This is an annual event for the store, and employees are already welcoming the Grinch's return next year.