The Wonderbar Had A Paranormal Investigator Visit

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CASPER, Wyo. Believe it or not, the Wonderbar has some paranormal activity.

Workers assumed there was just one spirit lingering, but when they brought in a supernaturalist to check it out, they discovered so much more.

“They were trying to interact with a glowing ball and then instead the kitchen lights ended up coming on and it almost looked like there was a flashlight shining through the hallway with some movement back by the tables by the kitchen area." Said Serenity Johnson, the manager of the Wonderbar. "And then they also got a hold of who we believe is one of our previous owners.”

Legend has it the two kids who haunt the attic were brother and sister and were trampled by horses inside the bar, as horses were allowed inside and often drank with the cowboys.

“I was downstairs and a chair was basically thrown in my general direction um and no one else was in the room." Said Jessica Dresser, another manager at the bar. "I have experienced going downstairs and seeing another dark figure right next to me in the windows.”

John Wayne and Ernest Hemingway have sat in the Wonderbar.

It's said they got Rowdy and shot at the brick wall which still stands.

“We have one by our kitchen windows and then we have one by the front wall window up a little higher in the brick.” Said Johnson.

Once the paranormal investigators left, workers believe the spirits left another sign.

“We kind of all showed up to work and everything was flooded and so it was very coincidental.” Explained Dresser.

Next time you visit the Wonderbar, beware of wandering ghost.

The Wonderbar was originally a bar in the late 1800s, then a grocery store during the prohibition.