The Wind Always Wreaking Havoc in Casper

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This past Tuesday was a blustery day for Casper and nearby towns.
We found the details on the damage from the tropical storm-strength winds.

Tuesday, two waves of storms came through Casper.
The first wave occurred around 2pm when a strong thunderstorm passed north of Casper.

Official storm reports say the storm knocked a tree over in downtown
Casper, but it was at around 4:30pm when the second line of storms blew through.

Major damage was sustained around town.

Casper's Recreation Center had a portion of their aquatic center damaged as gusts blew their metal roofing off.

Thankfully, the rec center got lucky as roofers were already on site when the incident occurred.

Carolyn Griffith commented at the Rec. Center, “So yesterday (Tuesday) we were preparing for a project at the rec center to replace the roof there. So we had 3 roofers on site getting ready for their project today.

The gentleman that were here were able to come over and at least secure the portions of the roof that were suspended so that it wasn’t a danger to the public."

The remaining portions were taken off the roof this morning and will be removed from the premise Wednesday.

The rec. center also lucked out as all the damage was external, so no activities at the rec center had to be halted.

"It shouldn't impact our operations at all the slides are reopened and everything is functioning as normal."

The twelve year old roof will be replaced with a rubberized material to hopefully avoid future situations like yesterday.

While the first wave of storms had produced dangerous lightning, the second wave had much stronger winds.

Natrona County Airport recorded a gust of 64 mph as the storms passed.