The Un-Sung Heroes of the Casper Eclipse

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When you gotta go, you gotta go!

With the eclipse only days away, we set out to find how many porta-potties will be in use for eclipse festivities this coming weekend.

The true un-sung heroes of the eclipse have been hard at work all this week.

They have been washing, cleaning, loading and un-loading more than a hundred porta-potties for the solar show.

We spoke with Jake, (not John) Phillips with A-1 Portables & Services who said his family has already delivered half his eclipse fleet of 100 units and the work will continue.

The total porta-potties count for the eclipse weekend, from local companies....about 280.

Other local restroom companies told News 13 they are all booked out on units too with a limited supply left for those last minute party poopers.

Phillips shared, “Our biggest event annually is the Beartrap Festival, we usually take about 28 toilets up there, so in comparison we are four times that."

He continued to share his thoughts about the upcoming eclipse, “I think everybody just needs to be patient I know it's going to be a big deal, a lot of traffic, be patient, be kind to your neighbor, we'll get through this."

With this unique event, nobody is really sure how often the facilities will need servicing but Philips said they will be serviced.