The Uber for Flights Possible

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Driving services such as Uber have been a safe and effective option for grabbing a ride.
The idea of having a similar type of service for flights has recently taken off.
If a pilot is already planning to fly somewhere, he can ask if others would like to tag along and divide the travel expenses.
The difficulty comes in requesting to be flown somewhere for pay.
"As soon as you start talking people will go you know what I'd be willing to fly you in my airplane and then the cost sharing portion gets to be different... Why would I want to fly you from Casper to Cheyenne if I'm going to have to pay for a portion of the cost where I wasn't planning on flying from Casper to Cheyenne to begin with." - Glenn Januska, Airport Director
Fly Otto is a private air charter on demand service that recently launched the service nationwide.