The Search for Casper's Police Chief Ends While Fire Chief Search Continues

Keith McPheeters will serve as Casper's police chief.

For the last 25 years he's lived in Farmington, New Mexico where he served as deputy police chief.

"I'm most excited to work with such a professional agency they've done a lot of great things and its gonna be my responsibility to kind of take a step back, look around and see what we can do to continue moving forward on the great things we're already doing," said Chief McPheeters.

The city manager believes McPheeters experience will be an asset to Casper.

"Accomplishing major issues and dealing with major concerns and so forth with the community as a partner and so, that to me was very appealing and I think that's a recipe that we can apply here in Casper to do some great things," said City Manager, Carter Napier.

Jason Speiser will serve as Casper's interim fire chief, after previous chief, Kenneth King, announced an early retirement Thursday.

Speiser has worked for the fire department since 2001.

"For me that was a real easy fit, with regard to what we need to bridge our transition, if you will, to the time that we hire a fire chief permanently."

He's served as a battalion chief since 2015.

"His leadership style is such that he's very even tempered he's one that has a lot of support from the department and he understands the industry and the needs of the department and understands the community very well as well."

Speiser says they will continue what they are doing now, letting their mission statement and core values guide them through the transitional period.

"Lean heavily on my division chiefs cause they all run their division really well and are great leaders within our department. So we're just gonna continue on that path and keep us going in the right direction," said Jason Speiser.

Napier says the community played a valuable role in finding our new police chief.

And says it will also have a critical role in the search for a new fire chief.

"I look forward to that opportunity to reach out, to continue to reach out and engage their help and get that support and involvement to the very day that we have a meeting like this with a new fire chief on hand."

Interim chief Speiser began his job December 1, 2017.

Chief McPheeters starts December 11th.