The Salvation Army is Short on Both Donations and Volunteers

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CASPER, Wyo. The Salvation Army Casper Corps is $5,000 short compared to this point last year.

The reason for these financial difficulties is we don't often carry cash.

"People want to give with their card, which is a great thing, although out at the kettles we just don't have the card." Said Trish Simeroth of the Salvation Army.

Kettle donations are down across the country.

Some Salvation Army attached card readers to kettles, but the experimentation will start small in Casper.

"We will try one location, probably one of our outer locations to do that. However it's a great technology, it's just hard for us to get that out and even though we get that out not everybody's familiar with that." Explained Simeroth.

Mother nature also has not helped.

"We see a slower amount during colder weather and it's a challenge. We all want to just get inside so that's a challenge. And most people don't travel out as much when the weather is colder."

About 90% of the money raised locally goes back into the Casper community.

"The Salvation Army works really hard to make sure that the funding that comes in goes to those that are in need. We work really hard at what we're doing to make sure that those that are in need are. We meet those needs the best way we can."

Officials say they don't plan to cut services, but if donations don't come in, they may need to make tough decisions.

They are also looking for toy donations so kids in need can have Christmas presents.