The Return of the Sauger to the Platte

A fish not seen the North Platte for decades is coming back.

We spoke with News 13 to find out what is being re-introduced and what it means for fishing in the state.

Living in Wyoming, we know fishing is a popular outdoor activity.

While, that won't change, the type of fish you can catch will.

Downstream in Glenrock, a new fish is taking to the waters.

The sauger fish is native to Wyoming but hasn't been in state waters since 1942.

Wyoming Game and Fish staff said it was a massive effort to have sauger re-introduced in Wyoming.

"This effort to get sauger back into the North Platte River took a ton of work from the fish culture section. There were many trades that worked out multi-state in order to get these sauger here. So we're extremely excited to have them,” shared Janet Milek.

One-hundred thousand sauger were recently re-introduced to the river near the Dave Johnston Power Plant.

Game wardens say conditions there are more favorable for sauger growth.

Matt Hahn with the Game and Fish shared, “Ultimately what we hope to accomplish is to reestablish a self-sustaining or naturally reproducing sauger population in the river between Dave Johnston Power Plant and Glendo Reservoir."

Game wardens hope this re-introduction will lead to increased fishing activity.

"Really what we hope to accomplish with this sauger is two-fold: A) we're reestablishing a native species back to the North Platter River and then B) they're also a highly sought after sport fish that should do well down there.”

The new sauger will take a full year to become fully grown.