The Redevelopment of Downtown Casper

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Downtown Casper business thrives after a few rough years following the economic downturn.

Many properties left empty in the area during the slum, now they buzz with business.

"The last year to two years is where we've seen progress."

Downtown Businesses recover from rough economic times.

"I think we can say that downtown felt kind of lonely, a little bit vacant.
We had probably more properties that were available then we necessarily do now," said Casper City Councilwoman Kenyne Humphrey.

But what once seemed empty is flourishing again.

New businesses popped up in the past few years, bringing in more traffic.

"We're seeing more activity down there."

Donnell's Dandy Store owner Mike Stepp even feels the downtown area's brilliance.

"New owners downtown and new restaurants," said Mike Stepp.
Stepp also credits the new developments to city leader's investment in the area.

"It helps attract new sales."

Down the road, Charlie T’s Pizzeria staff almost say the same thing.
They believe the David Street Station provides a lively addition.

"I think that's helped downtown in some ways."

Stepp and her crew are also in the process of transferring their venue to the old Downtown Bar & Grill" location a few blocks down.

"Try and draw more family dining and things like that, but also entertainment by adding music and live bands," said Erin Stepp, a manager at Charlie T’s Pizzeria.

Downtown business employees also credit revitalizing the Old Yellowstone District to the area's success.

They say the Yellowstone Garage and other companies brought back life to that area of downtown.

But overall, they all hope Downtown Casper will become...

"A destination where everyone wants to be."

Downtown business staffs also credit the art walks as part of the area's vibrant culture.