The Power of Safety

For the past few weeks officials have stressed the importance of safety as families spend more time out on the water this summer.

Practicing the proper safety precautions proved powerful over the weekend.

As a boat carrying both adults and kids made its way from shore to Cottonwood Island at Alcova, a boy was sucked underneath the boat, getting his leg caught in the propeller.

The boy was airlifted to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.
Officials say everyone on the boat was wearing life jackets and alcohol was not involved.

If not for boaters practicing the proper safety precautions, the situation might have been much worse.

"So even in an instance where there's no alcohol people are wearing life jackets accidents can still happen very easily and this is a prime example of how we just need to stay acute with our awareness and make sure we're on top of what's going on," said Janet Milek with Wyoming Game and Fish.

Milek says one of the biggest things is to account for everyone while out on the water, making sure you have visual contact with them.