The Parkway Plaza Sold For Over 15 Million Dollars

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CASPER, Wyo. The room was packed, but only one person bid on the property.

Greenlake Real Estate LLC, a company under Greenlake investment management out of South Pasadena, California.

"These happen pretty quickly. It just so happens there was a lot of interest in this morning and it took a little bit longer." Said Jay Snider of the Natrona County Sheriffs office. "I actually was expecting a big crowd based on what I've seen in the media and the community involvement in this."

That interest is why many people showed up.

"It's kind of an icon of the community here. You know it's a prime piece of real estate on the river on the interchange off of i-25." Said Bob Ide of Ide Land and Leasing.

People hope the new bidder will help revive it for Casper.

"I think if it was redeveloped for a convention center or hotel it would be the highest use for that property."

For now, the future of the Parkway Plaza is uncertain, but so id the hope for something new.

The company was the same that financed the property.