The "Journey" of Education

Kids, eager to wake up, go to school and stay well after its ended.

While most days, as parents can attest, that truth is hard to come by, it was the case today at journey elementary.

Casper's newest school is celebrated with a tour by students, dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony.

At Journey, art, P.E., and music are all in the commons area where food is also served, making for a "free,” effective flow for students transition between activities.

While there are no doors separating each classroom, teachers do have the option of using a sliding door.

Each grade level is separated within different sections of the school, called villages.

Within each village lays a pod, or common area, adding to the "free" feeling.

"What makes journey special is our open concept, but really it's the kids who come in through our doors every single day. They just are very unique, creative, great problem solvers," said Principal Coebie Taylor-Logan.

Taylor-Logan says the learning "journey" of a child is critical for their foundation and future success which is where the idea to name the school "journey" came from.

The school's unique and visually appealing concept makes learning that much more enjoyable for the kids who attend.

"I love all the colors and it makes me want to come here when the teachers and the building is beautiful like this. I just love this school,” said fifth grader, Taryn.

"I feel more comfortable, I feel more happy. I feel better cause this school is a brand new school," said fourth grader, Trinity.

Journey students gave tours wearing capes and masks after their mascot, a hero.

Over 300 students attend Journey Elementary.