The Great Candy Buyback is Back

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CASPER,Wyo. Trick or Treaters collected hundred of pounds of candy.

Operation Gratitude is one way a local dentist has found to educate our kids about cavities and help our troops at the same time.

"The biggest problems we see is cavities and clearly candy and pop are the two biggest problems in our world" Said Denise Prugh of Surfin' Smiles Dentistry.

For all the candy you get Halloween you can put some of it to good use by sending it to troops that are fighting for our freedom.

"the biggest morale boosters that we received was the operation gratitude packages" Said Everette Maynard of Surfin' Smiles Dentistry. "When they come in and get crisp one dollar bills they are earning something and they know they are giving it to something that is a good cause by giving it to the veterans, so it's kind of a win win for the children."

Of course, it's a huge sacrifice for kids to give up their candy, but the pay off is being a young patriot.

"It's been a great experience. It's fun for the kids and it's getting to be a bigger and bigger deal, and i feel like we are giving back to the community. We're giving back to our veterans."

Fighting cavities and fighting for our freedom, that's what Halloween is all about, right?