The Gift of a Warm Blanket and a Meal

While some of us opened presents on Christmas morning, others helped within the community.

Volunteers distributed blankets, clothes and food to residents in need.

The 'Blanket Ministry' and around one hundred volunteers made over one hundred blankets for residents during their ‘Blanket Blitz,’ on December 16th.

Those blankets were distributed Christmas day along with more holiday cheer wrapped in sack lunches.

Volunteer and event organizer, Debbie Mestas told News 13, “We have people that are homeless. We have people that are just having a tough time. That they've maybe they have a job but just doesn't stretch far enough to get them through the weekend and stuff that’s who we usually see, we just want people to not be hungry."

The giving didn't start on Christmas day.

Volunteers brought home-made treats on Saturday for those who may not receive home cooking.

Another volunteer, Marianne Mabey shared, "One hundred and twenty boxes of various different flavors of fudge. I made the boxes out of Christmas cards and brought them down on Saturday for them to give so that people would have just a little bit more homemade Christmas feeling."

But why do they do it?

"Because I want people to have something to eat and to be warm and I care about the people that we serve and I just don’t want people be alone and not have anything."

Some call themselves blessed and fortunate and wanted to share that with others on Christmas day.

"There are a lot of people in town that aren’t going to have a meal to eat Christmas day and that just didn't seem right. So we decided that that would be a great thing to do as a family to celebrate Christmas."

The 'sandwich ministries' volunteers provided sack lunches on Christmas day distribute free sack lunches every Saturday to those needing a meal.