The Food You Eat May Be Making Your Allergies Worse

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Watery eyes and occasional sneezes may seem like a small price to pay for Spring temperatures.

But News 13's Justin Roth finds out those seasonal allergies could be partially from what you eat too.

It may be hard to believe but if you suffer from allergies the food you eat may actually make you MORE sick. It's called Cross Reactivity it has to do with similarities in nature. Lynn Izatt is a Nurse at the Allergy and Asthma Clinic in Casper she says, "When the proteins in one substance are similar to that of another substance and it's important to be aware of this allergen cross reactivity because they can greatly influence the quality of the life of a person."

So what should you avoid if you're allergic to certain things. Izatt says, "(For) Birch trees you might want to avoid apples and since strawberries are in season sometimes strawberries can cause reactions also."

Other Cross Reactions includes Grass, for that dilemma avoid tasty fruits like Oranges or Peaches.

If you're one of the millions affected by Ragweed each year avoid eating Bananas, Kiwis, and Avocados.

Medical professionals have seen some positive result with allergy shots; however, there is no official cure. Izatt adds, "It's just all in your immune system what your immune system is doing and it can do a good job and it can do a bad job."

In the meantime, she suggests getting to know your body, and understand what agrees and disagrees with your body. The final thing you should avoid if allergies are affecting you is sugar.