The City of Douglas Rallies Around New Mayor After Cancer Diagnosis

DOUGLAS, Wyo. Douglas residents and city council members deal with the news Mayor Rene Kemper has been diagnosed with cancer.

Council members found out after a recent council meeting.

They were shocked to hear the news since Kemper was just sworn in as Mayor last month.

"We were all on a high because she had just been elected mayor, which we were really happy for her and happy for the community. And then we find out news like this. So it was really hard." Explained councilwoman Kim Pexton.

Kemper is from Cheyenne and moved to Douglas in 1990.

She served on the Douglas city council from 2016 to 2018 until she was elected as mayor.

"We all purchased Kemper Strong tee shirts. So when we showed up for council on Monday night, we all had our tee shirts on to show our support and all of the city staff and council was all dressed in support of Rene." Said councilman John Bartling.

He said they have seen lots of support for Rene and that the diagnosis won't stop her from doing her job.

"Not one bit. I can guarantee you that Rene Kemper is full of fight, full of energy. And she's not going to let down one bit for this."

Council members say they will back Rene no matter what happens.

We asked Mayor Kemper for comment but she was unavailable.