The Casper Wastewater Treatment Plant Will Soon Get Updates

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CASPER, Wyo. "We've changed some of the electronically programmable equipment. We've put in different switchgear and there's always upgrades that you make as technology comes along and we'll continue to do that. But by enlarge it's pretty well dictated by the capacity requirements."

The proposed upgrades to the sixty-year-old facility include clarifiers, aeration diffusers, and air piping.

The old equipment can't handle future population growth.

"Casper typically you can use a number of about on the order of one-and-a-half percent increase per-year and that's a pretty good indication of how your population's growing." Said Bob Hopkins of Casper Ward I. "So we have to anticipate that and we have to start putting money aside to do that."

And the money will come from more than just one source.

"The water bill, you know, there's a serious treatment plan charge for that. The water bill pays for that."

One-cent monies will also contribute a small portion.