The Casper Fire Department Staff Work Hard During Severe Weather

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CASPER, Wyo. In addition to a regular slate of calls, Casper firefighters also deal with weather-related emergencies.

"We'll see an increase in vehicle accidents or possible malfunctions or misuse of heating equipment that may occur with colder temperatures and the slick roads." Said Firefighter Dane Andersen of the Casper Fire Department.

In a major snowstorm, even fire engines have to slow down for road conditions.

"Getting there, of course, is the first priority. And getting there safely without a wreck, that's going to take whatever time it needs to take for us to get there, unfortunately."

But they will get there, even if the street isn't yet plowed.

"If we need to request a plow truck to drive in front of us to get to where we need to go, then so be it. We'll request that and work in tandem with the streets department as well. We also may explore different options as well. If we have to hike up the block to get to where we need to go, we'll hike up the block to get to where we need to go and then work on getting the fire apparatus located in a more appropriate manner." Said Andersen.

And they're ready when the bells go off.

"Our driver operators of our apparatus understand that and have trained in these types of conditions before in order to effectively maintain safe operation of fire apparatus no matter what the weather condition is."

Remember to slow down and pull over when you see a firetruck with its lights and sirens.