The Casper Events Center Holds an Open House for New Seats

CASPER, Wyo. Casper Events Center visitors were the first to try out newly installed seats during Wednesday's open house.

Operations staff spent the last two weeks putting in the upgraded seats.

The open house gave administrators the chance to see the community's reactions.

"We try to get as much community input into this project as possible because we wanted to make sure that it was done right." Said Brad Murphy, the Events Center General Manager.

The seats took only two weeks to put in, but the process of getting them there took two years.

The biggest challenge was securing enough money for the project.

The director of Operations, Paul Hanson, says the previous seats had plenty of negative feedback.

"From the last seating installation that we did a little over four years ago, we've gotten tremendous amounts negative feedback on the comfort just because of the legroom reduction with the bigger, padded seats

While the majority of the seats are installed, work continues for this project.

The completion schedule was pushed back due to scheduled events.

Hanson says the installation crews have done fast work, despite interruptions.

"The project got stepped back almost two months before we could start it. So now, we're having to shuffle and really coordinate the work time between the event days where we're occupied."

All new seats are expected to be installed after Thanksgiving.