The Boy Scouts Were Buzzing

Boy scouts of America Day Campers were buzzing as they learned about bee safety and care.

Local beekeeper Tate Belden gave scouts information on how to keep bees healthy in Casper, like planting more flowers.

Campers got up close to one of his hives, and even got to spot the queen bee.

Tate says if anyone has problems with a swarm, contact a local beekeeper who can remove them safely.

But if you do get stung the campers learned the best way to remove a stinger.

“You want to use your thumb nail... if you can see it use your thumb nail and scrape it off before eight seconds,” said Jeremiah Martin, a seven year old boy.

Tate told the scouts it's the venom that stings not the actual stinger itself, so if you remove it properly, it won’t hurt as much.