'Mirror Program' Pairs Troubled Teens with Inmates

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A new program in the Casper area may help teens heading down a troubled path and alter their course.

News 13's recently learned about the Mirror Program and how it helps kids gain a second chance.

Some teens find themselves on the wrong side of the law.

Reasons vary from boredom, peer pressure and even experimenting may land them on probation or in a juvenile detention center.

Cornerstone Program Manager Cory Miller told News 13, “I would like to see more and different things being made available to guide kids and point them in the right direction. They're at an age where they are still mold-able, they still have the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and move forward and be progressive and successful. "

The program started back in 2016 to help inmates, many of whom are serving life sentences, to meet with kids in hopes of keeping them from making the same mistakes.

The Mirror Program offers teens an opportunity to see what their reflection would look like if they continue making the same choices they make today.

The Youth Crisis Center, Regional Juvenile Detention Center and Mirror Program staff all hope to give these kids a chance to get their feet back on the ground and help get families through the process too.

Traci Blevins, Youth Crisis Center Executive Director said, “They're giving answers to parents and support the parents where maybe that support wasn't there before. It's an amazing opportunity for parents to go and just ask questions. 'My kid's on probation, what does that look like?' 'What do I need to be thinking about?' 'What do I need to be prepared for?' And they're getting that opportunity."

When faced with choices they hope teens continue making the best ones, for themselves.

Multiple business owners are on board with helping this program succeed, along with countless volunteers who help make it possible.