Teen Driving Still One of Most Dangerous Group of Drivers

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Teen drivers make up fourteen percent of the u-s population. But they accountant for thirty percent of all motor vehicle accidents, according to the centers for disease control and prevention.

News 13's Justin Roth spoke to Casper Police Officers to get their thoughts and how they are gearing up for one of the most dangerous times on the road.... The beginning of school.

The first day of school is right around the corner, which means a lot more teen drivers will be on the roads.

"Kids have gotten their license over the summer they've been driving but its not the same as trying to get to school"

Detective Hatcher explains that many new drivers just haven't been put to the test of time constraints.

According to WYDOT's 2015 traffic crash reports, August was the highest month for crash injuries.

"I think its just experience as far as you get older and drive more you get more experience" says Det. Hatcher.

Casper had the most accidents out of any city in the state last year with more than 500 that involved people under 20 years of age.

Buffy Murinko understands more younger drivers will be on the roads starting next week, but she would like to see less distracted driving.

"I really want to see that these kids take it serious enough to not text and drive cause texting can really mess a person up not to mention the high school kids future."

Det. Hatcher understands the stats and driver's concerns and say you can expect increased patrols.

"Especially with the starting of school next week were going to be patrol officers along with the traffic units are going to be out watching school zones. Reminding people it is school time again there's reason why speed limits are set a 20 mph."

Murinko says she plans to just avoid the school zones altogether.

"I avoid those and I one of them that won't talk or drive or text."

Maybe we all can learn from buffy to keep everyone safe.

Natrona county school districts start school August 31st.