Technicians Recommend Getting Furnaces Checked for Winter Season

Winter is here which means it's time to check heaters and furnaces, making sure they function properly.

Winter weather brings cold temperatures, which means people will be using energy to heat their homes.

"We usually do furnace maintenances and they're done usually once a year. It's an annual inspection. We come out, we uh tear the furnace apart. We check all the amp draws on the furnace."

Jim says by doing so, it helps ensure furnaces work properly. Jim believes dirty filters can be a cause for furnaces creating problems.

"The biggest thing is changing the filters. Gotta make sure that you got a good clean filter going into winter. That filter will cause that furnace to go down."

Eric Amano, who works for Tim Force tin, believes changing filters is like taking care of your car.

"I think it's real important. It's like do you change the oil in your car? You know that's what it comes down to and your furnace and your air conditioner run where you live."

Changing out your filters regularly can prevent several things. Jim says one of the biggest concerns is carbon monoxide.

“Fire hazards aren't that big of a deal, it's carbon monoxide is the biggest deal with furnace. You got to worry about whether or not you're getting carbon monoxide in your house. Carbon monoxide gas is odorless. You can't tell it's there and if you get too much in your system, it can kill you."

And to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, Jim recommends getting furnaces checked as soon as possible.

"You don't want to get carbon monoxide poisoning so get that furnace checked and make sure that you don't have a cracked heat exchanger and that you're good to go for the winter."

Tim force Tin workers say both A.C. and furnace filters should be changed at least twice a year.

However, they recommend checking filters once a month.