Don't Let Your Tax Refund End Up In the Wrong Hands

Direct deposit of tax refunds helps cut down tax fraud.

For many, filing taxes may be stressful, but with tax fraud, there's a chance your money might end up in the wrong hands.

Direct deposit cuts down on the risk of someone getting your money.

Gary Trapkus said, "If you are getting a tax refund.You either are going through a tax preparation service or you have some on-line software that you are using, and basically you tell the software or the tax preparer, your bank routing number and your account number at the bank you want it to go into."

If you don't use a tax service, you can still enroll in direct deposit.

"You can do the electronic filing with your return, and by doing the electronic filling then it will automatically be direct deposited. Unless you direct it to be done through the old traditional mail check cut," said Mike Burnett.

If you chose to have it mailed, there's a chance the check gets lost or stolen from your mailbox.

"Many places prefer to use direct deposit now as a safer, more secure way of getting you your cash as well as giving you a safer and more secure fashion," said Burnett.

If you chose to have your refund mailed, Hilltop National Bank said they do their best to make sure fraud doesn't happen.

Becky Dill said, "It is hard, when people are in person. We don't cash if we don't have that person and nothing matches. We just don't cash the checks."

Direct deposit tends to reach your account faster than through courier and there's ways to keep up on the status of your money.

"You can set up automatic alerts if you know how much your tax refund is going to be. You can set the system up. The bank system up so when that deposit comes in, you are electronically notified by text or something like that. Hey the money is here, so come spend me," said Trapkus.

Direct deposit is a hassle free way of ensuring you receive your refund as soon as possible.

We are closely approaching tax day, so it's best to file your taxes as soon as you get your paper work.