Taking the 'Sweets to the Streets' of Casper

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A Casper business is working to bring their “Sweet Treats to the Streets,” in an effort to expand and share their treats.

Frosted Tops owner has plans to use a food truck to deliver her cupcakes around Natrona County.

The idea came after a failed attempt to move to a bigger space.

The favored Casper bakery will soon be set on four wheels and rolled out to downtown customers.

Owner of Frosted Tops Kirstin Bott shared some photos and told News 13, “My mom had actually seen this food truck and sent me a picture and said, 'you have to have this truck!'"

It's the icing on the cake, so to speak as an option for Bott.

Her business has expanded the past four years; she said she has recorded a thirty-percent demand increase for her treats.

The growing business prompted her to look at expansion and she had an idea in mind about where to grow.

She told News 13 she wanted, the Milos Toyota Body Shop building, but it didn't go through as lost her bid when Ashby Construction managers placed bid on the property.

"At the time I was looking at buying the building and the proposal you know all those plans and writing a business plan for the building and it was just 'well, maybe I can do both.”

"When the building didn't come through I was like, well I'm going with the food truck!"

Although the bidding process raised questions by several downtown businesses, Councilman Bob Hopkins assures them, everything was done according to state law.

"This is the same process we have used to sell property before.

However, it was a little contentious because there were some that thought we ought to put up a hotel down there."

Still, Bott is excited about Frosted Tops becoming mobile and she aims to still operate out of her location next to the Parkway Plaza.

She hopes the food truck will, “Bring in our sweets to the streets."

Bott added she won't bake out of the truck, but rather load treats from her shop and bring them to customers.

She also hopes to partake in "Food Truck Fridays" during the summer months.