Diving Deeper into Bullying in the School District

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Bullying concerns not only parents and students, but the district's leadership as well.

That is how 18-year-old Cole Miller feels about bullying occurrences in the district.

We spoke with him on Tuesday where he shared, “Bullying is, it is always going to be in a different form in a different way from each person. Like from the bullier and I just feel like change needs to happen."

Miller says that this year alone, there have been three suicides among-st his peers; he says they have been the result of bullying.

Bullying as defined by the Natrona County School District encompasses threats, hazing, harassment, intimidation, cyber bullying, sexting and similar behavior.

The district says that within their regulations the expectation is that principals in every Natrona School building will actively follow up on reported cases of bullying.

Dr. Dean Braughton from NCSD shared, “The very first time that a student is alleged to have bullied, a principal will talk with them, let them know, educate them that it’s wrong and they shouldn’t do it, all the way up to expulsion."

The procedure for reporting bullying includes:
• The initial complaint
• Investigation
• Consequences for substantiated reports
• Protection of victims from additional bullying or retaliation.

All of which can be found under the Natrona County school District's policy against bullying.

"If there's a situation where parents don’t feel or the school doesn’t feel that they’re resolving it at the school level I am more than pleased to sit down with a parent, student and school around my table here and we'll look at it from a student support perspective."

Parents are asking that the district validate students concerns when they come to them reporting any type of bullying behavior and helping them to be more pro-active on responding to those bullying them, as well as what to do when they witness someone else being bullied.

One Casper parent, Jamie Bates told News 13, “I think the school needs to do more on encouraging people that are bystanders to step forward and encouraging them that."

It's important to note, bullying victims nor their parents will not be notified of the consequences of the accused bullier in reported bullying cases.

At the start of each school year students are required to be trained on the topic of bullying but not much can be done if kids are fearful of coming forward.

When it comes to bullying, it is important kids be reminded, it's not their fault and they're not alone.