Taking Care of a Pet in an Emergency

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Some would say the bond between an owner and a pet is special, a one of a kind relationship.

And it's your responsibility if your pet gets hurt.

"I'm very careful if we're in the front yard that they're controlled and that they're right by me, because it's just too easy for them to be distracted" says poodle owner Karen Anfang.

Anfang knows how quickly disaster can strike, and in one moment your pet can be fighting for their life.

Veterinarians at altitude hospital say in an emergency situation you need to move quickly.

Richard Schwahn said, "It would be nice to get it up into a vehicle, be ready to go when you find out where you can take it, but be very careful not to get bit.

In the event that your animal gets hit by a car, the first thing you need to do is move them out of danger. To do that, grab yourself a jacket or a blanket to caress over the animal's head to keep them from biting at you. Slowly just come in from the back and lift the animal up and transport them to safety.

"Really what you want to do is control the head. When you're coming from behind you're just gently controlling the neck and then gently grasping and holding so that way if the dog is painful and reacts to bite, it really can't do that or it has a hard time to. Then somebody else can help pick up the rest of the body and put it into the vehicle."

It helps to know what steps to take if your animal gets hit, but know the responsibility in keeping them safe and out of danger.