Take Precautions when Buying Items from People Over Facebook

CASPER, Wyo. A Natrona County sheriff's office investigator says to pay attention to the seller's location.

Be suspicious if they're not local.

Do some research on the people you're buying from or selling to see if they have any reviews.

Agree on a price before meeting, as having a lot of cash could make you susceptible to being robbed and make sure they have the payment first before loading items.

Most importantly, never put your address out on a post.

"I would absolutely advise against that. I think anytime that you put your address on there it's not just people looking for items that are seeing your address, it could be people looking to rob someone." Said Taylor Courtney of the Sheriffs Office.

Courtney says to trust your gut.

He says not everything appears as it seems, and some things are too good to be true so be inherently suspicious of people to make sure you're safe.