Musicians Hopeful for Future with the Troopers Drum & Bugle Corps

Auditions were held Saturday for Casper’s internationally known, "Troopers Drum and Bugle Corp".

Some musicians attended try-outs for their second time with the award winning champion group.

Kids from ages 14 to 21 sharpened their music skills and hoped to join the celebrated group.

They learned a bit and practiced staying in tune during the tryouts.

Fred Morris, from the Corp told News 13, “It’s an educational experience for the kids here in Casper that we brought out our brass caption head in from Texas to work with the kids today and just give them a little bit of what drum corp is all about."

The Texas native said he wants to inspire musicians both inside and outside of music.

Anthony Cruddas, Brass Caption Head commented, “My ultimate goal whether it’s with the troopers organization or just in general is to make better people through music; to provide instruction and learning opportunities that they can carry through outside the music realm to help positively impact their lives. "

A fourteen year old even said she has a bucket list goal of making the corp.

"Actually yeah I kind of want to be a trooper when I’m in high school. I think it would be really fun because I’ve been doing western winds, I’ve done western winds for like sixth grade I did western winds and it was really fun, “ said trumpet player Abby Ehrlich.

A buffalo student also played his heart out, auditioning for the league a second time.

Lance Reutlinger commented, "I’m nervous of course because troopers have been one of my dreams for a few years now. I’m just pushing through and just with all the directors and all that it’s really eye opening again."

During Saturday’s auditions four musicians received calls back including Lance for final auditions in January.