Stuff the Bus

Stuff the Bus is offering help to families facing financial difficulties as the school year rolls around.

Stuff the Bus is a program making sure every child has the basic school supplies they need when they start school.

This is the program's seventh year offering their services.

The program is open for all to contribute by donating money or any school supplies.

From an extra notebook, to pens and pencils every little bit is needed to help families out with back to school expenses.

Natrona County Social Programs Director, Rose Mertz commented,
“When I tell them that we have the great community and this great program, they are so relieved. And you can just see their faces, like wow, that's one less stressful thing, because it’s very stressful, when you don't have enough money to provide for the basic school supplies, you want your child to have what they have to start school."

If you need help getting school supplies, you can contact the Salvation Army at (307) 265-8026.