Studies Show...Wyoming Needs Its Guns

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The cowboy state needs its guns, this according to a new study showing state dependency on the gun industry.

With the industry facing backlash in the wake of deadly shootings a Cheyenne gun shop owner told our Washington Bureau, he’s confident the industry is alive and well.

Guns: The fiery topic of discussion across the country. In the wake of the high school shooting in Florida that left 17 dead calls for stricter gun laws, rang out across the nation.

More regulation could impact the local Wyoming gun industry, who knows it may distract people from purchasing firearms in the future.

Ryan Allen owns Frontier Arms and Supply in Cheyenne and said more regulation will bring an uptick in sales in the short term, but wreak havoc on the industry down the line.

Yet, he feels confident Wyoming leaders have his back.

“We are a very conservative state and we pride ourselves on our second amendment.”

The finance website Wallet-Hub conducted a gun industry study using information from the FBI, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives and other sources.

The study found the equality state as the fifth most dependent on the industry. Jill Gonzalez said the firearms industry pays more taxes in Wyoming than in any other state.

She said, “Shedding awareness on what this means from state to state i think will not only help consumers but will help local authorities.”

There’s uncertainty about what, if anything, will happen to gun laws in the country. James Angel from Georgetown University said, all eyes are on congress.

“If all we do is enforce our current laws better, I don’t think it’ll have much impact.”

Angel added if there is a crackdown on firearms, the economy would go relatively unscathed.

Even if you look at job losses in gun manufacturing, you’ll have the other economic impact of fewer gun deaths and fewer needs to have high security responses.

As of now congress is not considering any major gun control legislation.