Students at Pathway Innovations Center Have a Unique Curriculum

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CASPER, Wyo. Give some to get some.

That's what helps the curricula at Pathways Innovation Center.

Some of the departments are either making something out of nothing or refurbishing items that have clearly seen better days.

Homes and cars are being sold, with proceeds going in different directions.

"we actually got a grant through the Wyoming Department of Education which is really exciting. It gives the students the opportunity to actually bring some projects in, apply their skills that they're learning about through the ASE certifications, and we're going to take those projects and then turn around and sell them and then part of that money will go back into the extracurricular account, and then the other half we're going to put through a charity in the community." Explained Troy Corson, the centers Auto and Diesel instructor.

Similar processes are going on just a few feet down from the auto shop.

This soon to be modern living space is a cooperative project with PIC's core construction class and Casper College's architecture program.

Alongside a grou[ of advisors within the community, the PIC students build what Casper College students envision.

"We work with people in the community to market it, and we put it out for bid in the spring next year, and then we take the proceeds from the sale of this, and we'll recreate another one." Said Rob Hill, the Construction Instructor. "this one's very different from last year. last year we did a cabin bunkhouse theme. this has more livable space, it's more modern, one that you have washers and dryers, and dishwashers, and amenities like that."

The finished project seems very enticing and some can be found littered through our community.

Instructors say bringing the jobs and duties to their students instead of the other way around makes a huge difference in education.

you can imagine it would be pretty frustrating constructing something while dealing with the Wyoming weather.