Students and Parents Seek Answer from NCSD About KW Hazing Incident

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Monday night’s turnout at the Natrona County School District's board meeting was not as great as anticipated.

Recent events over the past few months, including school closures and more recently, the Kelly Walsh hazing accusations were expected to be major topics.

News 13 spoke with a few parents and heard from school board members at the meeting.

After speaking to many parents and a few students about the recent Kelly Walsh incident, many are looking for answers and don't want to be left in the dark.

Many stepped up at the meeting to make their voices heard.

It was an opportunity for the students and parents to address Natrona County School board members with their concerns.

However, the overall turnout of attendance was disappointing for those who did.

Parent, Michelle Sabrosky told News 13, “The public turnout wasn't really that great, it was actually quite disappointing. If you looked at comments on various pages and things like that, everybody was outraged, angry; they wanted to do something; this made national news, and yet the turn out, there were maybe 50 people at most at one point."

One student even called out the Kelly Walsh wrestling coach, saying he was disappointed with how Travis Peak, was handling the situation.

Attendees wanted answers to many questions they have for the board members, but the questions they posed, went unanswered as board members were not able to comment on the subject.

"I’m not sure about the reception from the school board; they say they heard and were listening, that their hands are tied. But I think parents want to know there is something being done. Parents want to make sure their kids are safe in school, and they're not feeling that way."

Because of the nature of the situation, comments from board members were not available.

However, they did address the audience saying they are doing their best to handle the situation.

Social media is buzzing with several people voicing concern about the how the school board is addressing the situation, but the auditorium at Natrona County High School only had 30 people attend the meeting.

We will continue to follow this story as more information becomes available.