Store Owners Give Valentines Day Gift Advice

CASPER, Wyo. Casper business owners prepare for increased business as Valentines Day approaches.

Store owners selling traditional gifts like flowers and candy say this is the busiest week all year.

"The 13th of February is traditionally our biggest single day of the year. The Christmas season is our busiest *season*, but Valentine's really is taken up in just a few days rather than a whole month." Said Ryan Stepp of Donells Candies.

While many stores will sell traditional Valentines items others go a different route.

Some owners focus on items made right here in Wyoming, something they say is uncommon for other store owners.

"We have some Wyoming made gifts. We support Wyoming artists. So you have everything from horsehair pottery to glassware that is sandblasted. That's something that's a little off the beaten path of what people usually get." Said Rob Piotter, the owner of Galleria and Gifts.

The biggest focus will be getting customers to shop local.

Some big stores have closed in recent months, something owners say opens opportunities to attract more customers.

Busy shopping days like Valentines Day to avoid breaking the bank and possibly hearts.