State of the Community Address

Natrona County and Casper leaders say budgeting has been improving.

Natrona County Commissioners, and Casper leaders talked budgeting and sales tax revenue.

Charts show fluctuations in tax streams we've experienced over the past few years.

Leaders acknowledge the numbers don't point in the direction wanted.
County officials say they've been able to stabilize budgets in a time of low revenue and cuts.

"There has been some sacrifice, but they're parts of great sacrifice on that part, but they've managed to continue to provide the kind of services that's needed for a county," said John Lawson, the Natrona County Board of Commissioners Chairman.

City leaders also targeted four main industries making Wyoming's economy work.

Retail trade remains the leading factor while mining has declined over the years.

Casper's city manager believes we're in a better place than a few years ago.

"We are not in a position of decline. We're certainly not in a position of growth."

"As community and business leaders gathered today, it's pretty clear that teamwork and collaboration will keep the community on its feet."

"We're all trying to do our part to keep this community moving forward and it takes everybody," siad Riata Little from CAEDA – Moving Casper Forward.

"This really speaks to the resilience of this community and the dedication of all the members of our community and not only our elected officials," said Don Claunch, the Casper Area Chamber of Commerce President-Elect.

These leaders remain optimistic of future growth.

"I think we have some things to be pleased with, we have some things to look forward to."

Eclipse sales tax numbers were also included in the chart.

Officials say they don't reflect revenue they expected from the event.

Napier also says infrastructure spending has been down by nearly half due to the economy.

He says he has seen steady progress in building over the past few years.