State Senators Reject Moving VA Nursing Center to Casper

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. Despite Senate transportation, highway, and military affairs committee members recommending Casper, senators chose to put the skilled VA facility in Buffalo.

“That state-run facility going to function as a safety net for our most vulnerable population. So I felt for the continuity of care, from the current
veterans nursing home, veterans home in Buffalo, it would be best if we kept that facility in Buffalo.” Said, Senator Brian Boner.

However, Casper supporters disagree.

One senator argues Buffalo's VA assisted living facility does not compare to a nursing home.

“There is not continuity of care for that. The skilled nursing facility is way, way more complex than the assisted living. That isn’t just a little bit of change, it’s a lot of change.” Said Senator James Anderson.

Boner is not concerned about Buffalo's remote location impeding access to specialized care.

important to remember that they do have a hospital in Buffalo and that you will be providing more acute care as a part of normal services of this skilled nursing facility. So for the more specialized care, sure they’re going to have to go out of the community, but that’s something that we deal with day in and day out in rural Wyoming and I’m confident that we can handle it in Buffalo.” He explained.

Wyoming is currently the only state without a skilled VA Nursing Facility.