State Senators Reject Background Check Bill

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CHEYENNE, Wyo. Teachers are currently only required to get a background check with their initial state certification.

They're already required to be re-certified by the professional teacher's standards board every ten years.

The bill's sponsor said the bill was designed to protect kids as crimes committed in other states are unlikely to be reported to a school district.

However, senators disagree.

"Your background checks can get backlogged and take up to three months. So I thought there were provisions in the bill that would allow you to get re-certified, even without that background check, but apparently, the Senate said it would be cost prohibitive and too much bureaucracy to require that." Said Representative Daniel Zwonitzer of Laramie County.

The bill would also require speech pathologist, audiologist, and their assistants get criminal background checks regardless of whether or not they work in a school while getting licensed.